Frequently Asked Questions

What are we selling?

  • Byron Bay Eco Cruises & Kayaks Pty Ltd
  • 3 bedroom house and 2 bedroom flat/office
  • 2 Boats - Jasmine 49 seater and Reflections 12 seater and equipment
  • Over 10 years of building an impeccable reputation and a sustainable long-term business
  • Almost doubled the sales in 2020/21 and continued growth in 2021/22
  • Kayaks, SUPs and everything needed to operate the business

Why are we selling?

We want to see BBECK reach its full potential, however it is too much for us at our age.
BBECK has such a huge growth potential and is ready to go to the next level and it is time
for us to retire. The new owners can look forward to a profitable work life balance and an
exciting future.

Where is Brunswick Heads?

20 min from the iconic Byron Bay Northern NSW, 5 min from the M1, 30 min to the Gold
Coast. So close to the best river, beaches and hinterland that makes Byron such an amazing
place to live and work.

Who would be interested in BBECK’s Lifestyle Package?

Families, foodies who want an amazing venue that they own, other business owners, sea
and tree changers, people who want the perfect work/life balance, investor who want a
profitable, sustainable business.

Why would I be interested in the business?

Best lifestyle package. Amazing job and business that is very profitable, has unlimited
growth potential, truly sustainable and is part of the solution for a better world.

Do I have to be a Skipper?

No. BBECK’s team consists of 2 casual skippers that are fully trained and on call. Also, there
are many trained skippers in the area.
Skipper training is available in Ballina at TAFE approx. 6-month course.

Why is it a being sold as a package?

It is nearly impossible to find a place to base BBECK in Byron Shire, also rents are
unaffordable and rising.
No problem you own the perfect location, 5 min from harbour with plenty of parking for
BBECK’s office parking, equipment, kayaks, trailers, etc.

How much is the package?

Offers over $3 million

Can I just buy the business?

Yes, offers over 1.6 million

Can I just buy the property without the business?

No. The buyer of BBECK business has the option of buying just the business, as they may
already have a suitable location and do not want the real estate.

What ‘s included in the business?

Everything needed to own and operate BBECK including equipment, licences etc.

How has Covid affected the business?

The government forced us to close for many months during the last 2 years.
With the lock downs in Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland and the international markets,
BBECK lost a significant part of its potential market.
Due to the quality of BBECK’s product and its positive reputation in the community and
industries, the locals have supported us with increased bookings.

Come on a cruise and see for yourself!

We believe that the best way to understand what is for sale is to Book a Cruise and see for
yourself. BBECK’s sale will create a lot of interest and there can only be 1 buyer, and if you
are not prepared to do a cruise you are not really interested.

Can I Inspect the property?

Only if you are interested in the whole package. The property is not for sale without the


Everyone says that their business is unique. BBECK truly is. What customers and potential
buyers see is what they get.
BBECK was started with honesty at its core and a fair deal for
everyone including the environment. This has built a solid reputation through the difficult
Covid times, with locals that have supported us, as well as government organisations, other
local businesses and the whole community, which is so important in this area, and takes
years to build. This results in a lot of repeat business and rave reviews.