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Brunswick River in flood

Hi folks

We needed rain over the whole area and we got it! About 200 – 500mm over 3 days in the Brunswick River catchment.

The Brunswick River is in minor flood but that will depend on how much more rain we get in the catchment.

The December weather event has caused a minor flood on the Beautiful Bruns. Rivers need a good flood to clean out the system. We are fortunate that the beautiful Bruns is a short river 27 km long so flood waters come up quickly and go down quickly. Unfortunately there will be some rubbish flushed out that we will try and collect before it reaches the ocean. We have done about 13 river clean up in the last 10 years, but some rubbish re-floats and enters the river.

The beach erosion is really bad particularly at Byron. The winds went up to 55 knots at Cape Byron about 90 -100 Kph with the low pressure system just of the coast over the last few days. That has sent 4- 6m swells directly into the sand dunes with a really strong northerly push moving many thousand tonnes of sand. This is why nature designed sand dunes, they are the front line in storm events and are designed to erode. All is good until you build any structure on top of the sand dunes, there is an high chance that one day it will get washed away. Storm events are nothing new but global warming will increase sea levels and create more serve weather events.

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