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We, Lorraine and Simon, love our home on the Far North Coast of NSW, but we also love to travel. We thought you may like to hear about some of our adventures.

Let’s Talk About Travel. My mother had a great travel saying: Try not to be a tourist, rather be a visitor. I think she meant that you immerse yourself in their country by respecting that you are a guest or visitor. It is their country and it’s not the same as home and that is the main reason we travel.

"We are particularly interested in areas that have not been human damaged, because most of the planet has been HUMAN DAMAGED!! So, we tend to avoid big cities and go to National Parks. "
Simon and Lorraine on tour!

That usually means travel through a big city and heading to the more remote areas, so you do see a lot of the country and spend a lot of time in a vehicle, which is a great place to ask my 500 questions to the driver about himself, his family and his country. All we can hope for is that we get a well-informed snapshot of their country and see some amazing landscapes, cultures and wildlife.

Summary of Costa Rica 2018

Last year we went to Costa Rica in Central America because they are recognised as the world leader in true Ecotourism, it is clean, safe, has some of the most bio-diverse forests on the planet, plenty of National Parks and lovely friendly people.

Costa Rica Rainforest Eco Tourism
Costa Rica Rainforest

The Costa Ricans can boast clean water, soil and air over most of country and a real appreciation and a desire to protect their beautiful environment. We spent a month there, so we had a good look because it is only a small country with a good transport network. We stayed with the native Bri-Bri people on the Caribbean coast. We also visited 3 biological research stations and many National Parks to view the amazing wildlife and birds.

Bri-Bri ladies making chocolate Costa Rica Travels Eco tourism
Bri-Bri ladies making chocolate

We loved Costa Rica because it is such a progressive, switched on country, We think it is the most switched on country we have visited. If you want to experience equatorial Rainforest that is easily accessed, having expert guides explaining what you are seeing and an interesting mix of cultures including Caribbean and indigenous peoples, then Costa Rica is a must!

Talking to the locals on the river transport Costa Rica
Talking to the locals on the river transport
Sloth in Costa Rica - Adventure Eco Tourism
Sloth ~ Costa Rica

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