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Fish feeding naturally

The water in the beautiful Brunswick River is so clear you can easily see the marine life from the boat as we slowly glide along the small waterways. Being part of Cape Byron Marine Park means that the river system has a healthy breeding ground where no fishing is allowed and so fish numbers are plentiful.

Have you seen schools of fish opening their mouths and gulping at the surface and wonder what is going on? These fish, usually Mullet and Herring, are eating algae on the surface of the water.

The mullet spawning run is slowly getting under way on the Bruns with small schools of fish congregating in the harbour. The Mullet also eat the algae off the boats and the boat owners say “go hard and bring your friends”. Mullet is not thought of as a good eating fish so it gets a bad rap being called all sorts of nasty names and yet if it is fresh and cooked properly it is very nice.

The Mullet run is also signals the start of the breeding season for the raptors such as the White-bellied Sea Eagles and Osprey. Have a look next time you are near the river.

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