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Jasmine's Facelift

At Byron Bay Eco Cruises & Kayaks we are usually busy either driving the boat, answering the phone or working in the office. So in these difficult times it is important for us to feel as though we are moving ahead with the business and life.

A great saying is “make yourself useful” so we have been doing maintenance and big improvements on Jasmine and Reflections.

It is amazing how painting things the right colour can make such as big difference. A great example is Jasmine’s cupboards that we repainted the same colour as the interior. It has made the cabin area feel bigger, lighter, and friendlier, just the atmosphere we like to create.

The carpet on the bow (front) of the boat has been replaced as well as a repaint around the bow and the timber seat sanded back and re-oiled so it's now looking great.

Watch this space for our new bench tops. Work in progress!!

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