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World Wetlands Day

Do you know what a wetland is? A wetland can be defined as land that contains marshes or swamps. If you have a wetland nearby, you could take the time to go and visit. The Brunswick River has extensive wetlands and most of these areas are part of Cape Byron Marine Park, as they are tidal. They are an important breeding ground for shore birds, raptors and migratory birds.

We know that sometimes wetlands can have trails that will allow you to walk and enjoy the green space and reconnect with nature. Look around as you walk and you will find that not only are the wetlands a treasure, but also the animals that live within them.

There is data that proves the link between healthy wetlands and the decrease of violent weather. Also, when there are healthy wetlands, the people nearby tend to be healthier. Wetlands also reduce flooding and slow water movement, minimising erosion and replenishing the aquifers (ground water). Wetlands are full of specialist plants because most plants can't live in wet boggy conditions and can't deal with salt water.

Wetlands are nature's kidneys. They purify water.

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