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Accessible Tourism

So many people in our community, our country and overseas have a disability - would you believe 15% of the world's population, but they still want to enjoy the benefits of travel like all of us. More people are looking for activities that are accessible for people with disabilities and we are happy to say that we can cater for most types of disabilities except for wheelchair access, which is extremely limited. Contact us for more info. The Brunswick Heads Boat Harbour will be upgraded in the near future and we are hoping we can then also be fully wheelchair accessible.

We have had many individuals and groups with disabilities come onboard Jasmine, such as the group in the photo, and we love the joy they show of being able to come out into nature with us. We allow the carers onboard for free (NSW companion card) so they can accompany the people they care for. So if you have a loved one or a person you care for and would like to bring them on a cruise we'd love to hear from you.

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