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Living the dream on the beautiful Brunswick River

It's easy to spend time on the Far North Coast of NSW and think that all is perfect up here, an area where residents are more conscious about sustainability and their eco footprint, and it is! It's a beautiful part of the world to live, but the truth is, we ALL need to do more!

We all make choices; do we want to continue to pretend that all is good or do we want our lives to be more sustainable?

We (Simon and Lorraine - owners and operators of Byron Bay Eco Cruises & Kayaks) knew that we wanted to be part of the solution to minimise human impacts on our beloved planet earth for the benefit of everyone, which is why when we started the BBECK journey (Byron Bay Eco Cruises & Kayaks) we knew we'd strive to always operate in the most sustainable and eco-aware way possible, and we're thrilled that year after year, we achieve this - and do better each year - and we've got many awards and accolades to prove this!

Owning and operating BBECK is personally very rewarding on so many levels;

1. We get constant positive customer feedback which makes us know that you love what we do!

2. We get to work on the best river! 3. We constantly strive to make sure BBECK is always sustainable. 4. We employ local skippers who love what they do, as much as we do, and sharing our knowledge with those who come on board is great.

Job satisfaction is so important (in any industry!) because if you love your work, you will be good at it. Also, if you are good at your job you'll want to keep learning and keep striving for more, and become even better. In eco tourism, a passionate team is so important because it makes all the difference to the experience that tourists and locals feel when they come on board. BBECK has never found it hard to attract the best staff and create a great team.

Another way that we get so much satisfaction out of what we do is seeing our passengers having a great time. Passengers regularly applaud the team at the end of the cruises and

write rave reviews about their time with us. The passenger feedback continually mentions how much fun and educational the cruises are and the passion and knowledge of the team. This feels so good, and we're fuelled by the positive feedback!

Driving a river boat on the beautiful Brunswick River and interacting with people from all over Australia and the world is a pleasure and a privilege, and we are literally living our dream every single day, doing what we love, bringing joy to people, educating and sharing, and creating memories. We get so many repeat customers - which feels fantastic!

Our visitors are really keen to learn about the area, how the river works and to see the wildlife. The beautiful Brunswick River makes the job easy because it so peaceful with amazing scenery. Our cruises create an atmosphere where passengers feel comfortable, relaxed and love to ask questions on topics they're interested in. From the wildlife to the eco system to the rainforest to the workings of the boat, and owning and operating a river boat business, we get asked it all - and we love sharing and talking about why we do what we do.

Working in Eco Tourism?

We have all been to places that were once beautiful but are now over-developed, and it has

degraded the experience and the very values that attracted tourists in the first place. True

Ecotourism is all about sustainability in the long term by protecting the area, Ecotourism operators use best practice methods in tourist management, so they do not degrade the environment.

Our commentary educates passengers on how to minimise their environmental impacts and why this is so important. Being part of a quality Ecotourism operation is very rewarding because you know you are part of the solution and the natural beauty of the environment you are working in will be there for future generations.

Owning a successful Ecotourism business is very rewarding, particularly because when that business benefits US, the community in which we operate AND the local environment, we are winning! Ecotourism is the future, in fact it is the fastest growing sector in tourism! We are leaders and multi award winners in Ecotourism and are proud to share a few of our awards with you here;

What else makes us know every day, that we are LIVING THE DREAM?

Byron Shire is Beautiful! We live just a three minute drive away from the Brunswick Boat Harbour where our boats are moored, in the great little town of Ocean Shores. The Byron Shire is such a sought after area to live in, but we have high unemployment, so by owning a business we're not only helping ourselves, but also employing locally, too.

That's just a little bit of why we know we're living the dream, and we GREW throughout the past 18 months and the pandemic, even without overseas tourists, because locals came on board and enjoyed what they had in their own back yard. It was wonderful to meet up with so many of them, and I know everyone has enjoyed the opportunity of supporting local, and learning more about our amazing area. With tourism opening up again this month, interstate and overseas visitors will be here in their droves, and we look forward to sharing our commentary and knowledge about the Byron Shire and the beautiful Brunswick River, with one and all. Book a cruise - come aboard!

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