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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Hi folks

Well it's been another year of ups and downs but thanks to all of you wonderful people who have supported our small business by coming on a cruise, buying a gift voucher or recommending us to friends and family we have survived. Our plans of selling up and retiring have been put on hold for now as we rebuild the business which suffered from the devastating floods in the Northern Rivers and the new strains of Covid with many cruises cancelled for yet another year.

On the bright side we had an amazing holiday in Peru with our wonderful team looking after things while we were gone. On the down side it seems we brought back an unwanted souvenir. Simon was bitten by a sandfly in Peru and a week ago we found out it left him with a horrible infectious disease with a nasty ulcer on his leg and it lay a parasite which has gone into his bloodstream. He has just spent a week in hospital being treated and is feeling fine but the treatment and dealing with the leg ulcer is ongoing. Not sure for how long.

Anyway only a few days before Christmas and a few cruises to go before we join our family in Queensland for Christmas.

We will be closed from the 23rd to 26th December, cruises from 27th to 30th December then closed for 31st December & 1st January, cruises recommence on the 2nd January. If you have any family or friends visiting we'd love to have them come on a cruise.

We have just done a makeover of our uniform shirt for our team. We hope you like the new look as much as our team do.

Just a reminder that Gift vouchers are still available via our website. They are valid for 3 years from the date of purchase so plenty of time to pick the right time to come on a cruise.

All the best from Byron Bay Eco Cruises & Kayaks.

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