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What a great team we have – Thanks to Gavin, Rob & Linda we were able to escape for a month to explore other countries and their wildlife.

Elephant herds in the river valley Kruger National Park

From May 12 to June 12 we went to South Africa for 10 days, 6 days a private budget Lodge and 3 days Private lodge connected to Kruger National Park. We were on route to Madagascar and had to go through SA, so we decided to visit one of the world’s great National Parks – Kruger.

African Wild Dog South Africa

South Africa

Johannesburg in South Africa has a modern airport, but it surprised us, there were no Big 5 photos. To think that lions and elephants etc. is not associated with SA is just silly, how many amazing photos have been taken and to not use them in their main airport!!! We were warned about our bags being tampered with at the airport, so we made sure we had nothing of value in them & they did get tampered with on the way home.

Lion cub in South Africa

The safaris were fantastic, 6 am start back at 9 pm, the wildlife thinks the jeeps are a large animal that do not hurt them, so you can get really close without disturbing the wildlife.  You are very safe even when you are in a jeep, 2m from a group of lions with their kill.

Kingfishers in South Africa


We really enjoyed South Africa, saw some amazing landscapes, culture and wildlife. The wildlife in SA seems very familiar because of all the wildlife documentaries we have all seen. Being up close to wildlife is an unforgettable experience, anywhere, but SA wildlife is so easy to see from a jeep.

On Safari in Kruger National Park
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