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Thanks for your support

We have had amazing support from locals and NSW residents using their Discover NSW vouchers. This has really helped our business grow over the past few months where other businesses have suffered or closed. We want to thank you all so much for coming on our cruises and using your vouchers which helps us as well as the local economy. We shop locally, do our boat and vehicle maintenance locally and in turn support other businesses. This is what communities are all about.

Due to the extension to the end of August to use the vouchers we have set up an promo code DISCOVER so bookings can be made online and by using the promo code you get the $25 off the fare and only pay the difference. Then when you come to the boat we scan the vouchers for the $25 discount taken. We hope this makes it easier for everyone.

Due to the run of bad weather and new Corona virus cases in QLD and Sydney we decided to close for a few days to let things settle down. Our top priority is to keep everyone safe. Cruises will be available from Monday next week, look online for availability on our website.

River News: The river seems to have become shallower over the last 6 months. Jasmine, our river boat, only needs 20cm to float. Most small tinnies or boats need at least 50 cm or more in depth so watch those really low tides and slow down.

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