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Jasmine - Queen of the Brunswick River

We're Simon & Lorraine - a husband & wife team, and we started our Eco River Cruises business Byron Bay Eco Cruises & Kayaks (BBECK) on the Brunswick River in 2011 and we're doing what we love, every single day of our lives! We started with a cute little 12-seater riverboat named "Reflections" & and won several tourism awards! The cruises became more and more popular and we started running back to back cruises sometimes to meet the demand. What to do??? Running lots of small cruises was taking more time and costing more in fuel and wages, and that's certainly not, "living the dream" so Simon said, "WE NEED A BIGGER BOAT!!!!" and the search began with a big long list of wants. It was late in 2017 when Simon said "I think I've found the perfect boat" so a mad rush to Melbourne before Christmas proved him right. We purchased "Jasmine" in March 2018 and brought her up to the Brunswick River to become the Rainforest River Cruise Boat. She holds 49 passengers plus 3 crew, has an enclosed cabin and top viewing deck, a toilet and serving/bar area. We've since made several improvements including a larger deck upstairs and obtained a liquor license for the bar. Jasmine (a beautiful name for a beautiful girl!) has proven perfect for the beautiful Brunswick River and passengers love the views from the top deck. Passenger comfort is guaranteed with the all-weather cabin and 3 wildlife viewing areas.

On the cruise we share our local knowledge and stories. Learn more about the unique and amazing eco system that exists within the beautiful Brunswick River and experience the incredible sights and sounds of nature up close. We've now got a healthy work-life balance, are giving our customers wonderful experiences (we know this because they keep coming back for more and they leave us fantastic rave reviews!) and we are continuing to live our dream. Have you thought about a cruise for your Christmas party/ conference or private event?

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