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Jasmine's little holiday

Hi folks

Every 2 years our commercial vessel Jasmine has to be surveyed by an accredited person to make sure she meets the Australian standards and is totally seaworthy (even though she only operates in the Brunswick River). Jasmine passed with ease.

We've been really busy with cruises but took a small window of opportunity to send her on a short break to the Ballina Slipways to have the survey done and for regular maintenance. Sounds easy? Not quite!

It was quite a project as she had to be craned out of the harbour, put on a low loader truck, be escorted by marshals to Ballina then craned onto stands to be worked on. We had to dismantle the upstairs handrail for the trip so she would fit under the bridges too.

She's had a makeover with a new coat of paint on her wide hips and antifoul paint on her bottom to stop the barnacles from attaching. She also has 2 new motors which will be quieter and more fuel efficient.

Regular maintenance is critical as the sun and salt makes everything wear out 3 times as quick as on land.

So she's been spruced up ready for cruises & Xmas parties and arrived back at the Brunswick Heads Boat Harbour today looking more glamorous then ever! Simon and Rob have reassembled the upstairs railings and are busy putting everything inside back in it's place after the road journey.

One more thing, we also have beautiful new banners at the harbour so keep an eye out out for them as you look for us.

Can't wait to see you on board this summer.

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