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Lots of rain means lots of fish!

There is an old saying “a drought on land means less fish or a drought in the ocean” well the opposite is happening with this rain event. Prawns, crabs and fish will increase in size and numbers.

The rain brings lots of fish, prawn and crab food and it really fires up the whole system. Prawns will be cheaper in the next few weeks because there will be more around as they get flushed out of our rivers. They say that “the prawns grow double and triple their size in a few weeks out at sea.”

A prawn trawler-man friend gave me his way of making the most out of the boom in prawns. He said “ put the prawns whole in a container of clean seawater and freeze it.” He said that he can’t tell the difference from frozen prawns compared to fresh if they are stored properly. You can also add salt to tap water which works well but not as good as the clean seawater. Seawater is not just salt water, it has a lot of other things in it and prawns have evolved to live in it, so it makes sense that they will be better preserved in seawater.

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