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Natures Pavlova

It's been very dry lately and some rain would be good but because it hasn't rained much the river water is lovely and clean. Guests have been enjoying some amazing sunsets on the Sunset Cruises with beautiful warm spring days.

Remember the old saying “be careful what you ask for”, because if the weather models are right it could be a wet summer.

About a week ago the river had an amazing amount of sea foam floating on it, we have never seen it as thick. Sea foam is created when there has been large seas and the water temperature is just right, with lots of plankton and smashed up jellyfish. The plankton and jellyfish have protein in them and when it is mixed by big seas you get what we call 'Natures Pavlova'. That's what happens when you make a pavlova, the egg whites have a lot of protein which thickens and makes it fluffy (or foamy) as you whip them up. Sea foam benefits many marine organisms including oysters and fish as long as there is not too much. Too much sea foam could create problems adding too much protein to the river system. It only lasted for a short time then disappeared again.

It's interesting how even though we are on the same river doing the same route each cruise there is always something different and fascinating. That's why we love what we do so much.

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