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Spring has Sprung!

Hi folks

It's been a while since we have done a blog, Sorry, Lorraine has been away helping the family.

The news from the river is spring has sprung, trees are flowering and the days are getting longer and warmer. The parrots have been nesting in the tree hollows and young eagles are learning to fly.

We are seeing more people out and about, mainly locals. The caravan parks have been very quiet.

It is hard running a business with all this uncertainty, makes planning difficult. The rules for boats is very vague so we have exceeded the Government Covid rules by reducing the number of passengers to 15 and practicing social distancing and safe hygiene practices.

We know our cruises are special as we have lots of repeat business and rave reviews, so it would be silly to change much. However, we are all different and are interested in different things, so we make small changes to our commentary to suit our guests interests. There are always different things to look at and learn about and that’s what we love delivering, a truly personal experience.

Please have a look at the website and video, if you have been onboard before is it a good representation of what we do? Tell us please! We would love your feedback:

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